stone cutter

stone cutter


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stone cutter be monuted to excavator, it’s specially designed for cutting hard materials such as marble, limestone, granite, concrete road, steel reinforced concrete and asphalt. This attachment is very good for civil construction, trenching, tunneling and quarrying industry. Its safety and high productivity performance is other earthmoving tools such as hydraulic hammer or bucket cannot compare.
stone cutter applications—
A. Excavations for footings, basements, lift shafts
B. Concrete & asphalt road cutting: cutting hard concrete road even there is rebar inside;
C. Cutting along a boundary wall
D. Tunneling
E. Demolition: Materials can be cut into manageable sized pieces can be taken away from the main property;
F. Hard materials quarry: such as granite, limestone
Stone cutter are suitable for earthmoving, excavation, quarrying and mining. They can cut medium-hard, soft and clay rich materials, such as sandstone. The advages for tungsten carbide saw blade is: no need for cooling water during cutting, damaged or worn picks can be easily replaced.

Suitable machine: 1-45 ton excavator
Saw blade options: Diamond saw blade and Tungsten Carbide saw blade
Blade size: diameter 800mm -3800mm
Rock saw features:
1. Fast acting automatic brake system;
2. Round water cooling system;
3. Double swiveling shield;
4. Removable protective safety cover—can be moved when cutting along boundary wall
5. 360 rotatable stand for easy switch right and left cut;
6. Top class spring steel blade with elasticity can avoid breaking;
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stone cutter
stone cutter
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